Why I Stopped Memorizing Bible Verses

When I was a kid, I was a boss at memorizing Bible Verses. And as such, I was richly rewarded with a collection of Gold Star Stickers that shined brighter than the Milky Way. There were Bible Memory Verse Competitions, Pop Quizzes, and Fake Church Money to be earned and spent at our Church’s version of the Chuck E Cheese Prize Shop (where “God Is Awesome” snap bracelets abounded). But as I’ve grown, I’ve found that all of their best intentions…were in fact the least effective.

If you’ve ever tried to memorize a verse the Bible before my hunch is that you’ve had mixed results. Perhaps you’ve found that some stick…and some…just…don’t. Ever wonder why?

I believe it’s because we confuse MEMORIZATION with MEDITATION.

Memorization is fine when you’re cramming for a final or trying to remember where you parked your car at the mall…but often within days…that information is lost.

Meditation is something completely different. Mediation is slow and deliberate. Mediation is thoughtful. Meditation takes things to deeper places. Meditation requires…and produces presence.

Memorization is fine for Information.
Mediation is required for Integration.

The Bible is meant to be Meditated upon. When you learn to Meditate on God’s Word…it actually becomes a part of you and can stay with you and guide and direct you for a lifetime!

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